Day 1- Planting

We thought it would be fitting to plant our pizza garden today.  The weather is absolutely beautiful day and is supposed to be for about a week.  I have always seen the month of May as a time for renewing and getting excited for the upcoming summer months.  Together we picked a spot and created our garden.  SJ enjoyed digging the dirt and watering our seeds.  We planted our garden next to the roses bush that my co workers gave to me in memory of our son Christopher.  We can’t wait to see how our garden grows over the next several weeks!


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We Are Like A Pizza Pie

We are a family of three.

Me, Steve and Steven John

Just like the basics of a pizza – the dough, the sauce and the cheese.

From there you can add as many  toppings and seasonings to make it your own.

The title of the post is an interesting analogy, but one that is easy for many to relate to the concept.

A garden and spending time outside is a wonderful way for a family to bond and experience life together.  This spring and summer we will making a pizza garden together, a perfect opportunity to create conversation, fun, and memories together.  This is out first formal time we will be planting and taking care of a garden with Steven who will be 3 this summer.  He already loves to dig in the dirt and help us outside. At the end of this experience I want to create a scrapbook with recipes and photos for out family and a blog for other families to be inspired to create their own gardens.

I recently ordered the John Deere Pizza Garden Kit.  It comes with a pizza pan, pizza cutter, seed packets for Basil, Tomato, Green Peppers, Onion and Oregano. It comes with great directions on how to grow the garden in a shape of a pizza.  On the side I also got SJ a planting table and a Plant by Number Flower Garden Kit to add to the educational adventure.

Tomorrow, 5/1 is supposed to be 85 F and low of 65 at night.  Perfect weather to start planting the garden!

Here are a few links you can read more on creating your own pizza garden, gardening and a few other organizations I have learned about through my research:

Tomorrow I will tell you more about an activity we are supposed to be participating in called A Tree Grows in Westchester through the Rivertown Play Group.

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Hello world!

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